To whom it may concern.

So to begin, I just want it out there. I am new to this whole blog thing, I’m not here for the views or for people, I’m here for myself.
I’m not a writer nor do I wish to be. I’m using this as way to just express my self openly, and hey if just one person comes along who is experiencing similar issues and it brings them comfort to know that they’re not alone and others do feel like this, then hey, kudos to that!

To state out some obvious questions and answers before they get asked.
Yes, I have been clinically diagnosed by a doctor, I’m not someone who used “dr google”
Yes, I have tried many therapies to help with my conditions.
No, I don’t take antidepressants (there is a reason why which I’m sure will come up in the blog somewhere)

Oh and one more thing, I am just like everyone else, except I’m an Aussie, so you will come across slang which you may not understand or get.
I swear like a sailor and that won’t change just for blogs.
This is my chance to be uncensored, I am free to say as I wish, It may sound harsh to you, you may not like what you read. I spend my days behind a mask, fake smiling, allowing everyone to think I’m ok, that I’m happy when I’m not.
What I write here, I’m not able to say out loud. So if you feel like you should scroll on, please do so!

P.s – Grammar police, You can kiss my ass now, I don’t want to hear it nor do I care. :*


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